Russian designers


“When in high school, I hankered after such badges but plain could not get them anywhere, - says the leading fashion-expert of the country. – I would have been very pleased to have such a set during my school and college years, and now it will surely be the source of joy for stylish schoolgirls and their sisters who are already at college, for the 90ies are back in fashion.” It’s been quite a while since Evelina Khromtchenko started wearing the experimental samples of the badges her team produced when striving to achieve the desired production quality. Her favorite badge – a tiny 10-millimeter pin with an image of a coffee cup and a croissant on it – is attached to the lapel of a leather jacket. The students of Evelina Khromtchenko Fashion School have always had a chance to get themselves a badge designed by Evelina (by purchasing it from a souvenir stall during the workshops), and now all fans of the style icon are presented with this opportunity.