Russian designers


TRÈS RUSSE Vera Glazunova is a new jewelry brand created by the artist Vera Glazunova and the architect Anna Putilova. Among the principles of TRÈS RUSSE philosophy are the revival of the 17th-early 20th century traditions of Russian jewelry making, the creative modernization of long-forgotten shapes, and their new and delicate interpretation. Deep knowledge of history and art help the designers create adornment pieces that are unique in their concepts and design, and do it by presenting a new and modern interpretation of familiar, classical, and sometimes even archaic shapes. The collection includes earrings with various beautiful enamel elements created (just like the design of all pieces) by Vera Glazunova; L'amour L'amour jewelry series; sea pearl jewelry from Snowflakes and Snowmen Christmas collections; rings with Florentine mosaics that date back to the early 20th century, and much more. All items are hand-made by Moscow craftsmen.