Russian designers


Amova Jewelry is meant for extraordinary girls, and all pieces from the brand collections are made by a no less extraordinary jewelry designer – Svetlana Amova. Having received a degree in environmental design at Stroganov University, Svetlana kept on searching for the right path to follow. Her love to travel and eagerness to study various cultures (combined with her passion for precious stones) determined the choice that the founder of Amova Jewerly finally made. “I’ve always been attempting to express myself through art. Creating jewelry for me is like writing poetry or composing music or even painting – only with the help of precious stones and metals.” Having received her Master’s degree in metal restoration, Svetlana perfected her skills at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona and then moved to Marbella, where the Amova Jewelry brand was established in 2003. The pieces by this jewelry house are currently sold in Russia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and other countries. Among the brand fans are the members of Spanish royal family, Hollywood stars and chief editors of leading glossy magazines. Jewelry by Svetlana brings beauty and grace to the world; besides, she successfully continues a family tradition: her great-grandfather was the supplier of diamonds and other precious stones for the famous Faberge jewelry brand.