Одежда российских дизайнеров
Russian designers


Currently, Maria Tychina stands for the brand that offers its customers mainly necklaces, bracelets, pendants and brooches made by hand from natural stones. The creation of necklaces starts with making a “base” out of stones (agate, rose quartz, kahalong, amethyst, chrysoprase, jade etc.) and its further decoration with Swarovski crystals, carved gems, elements of vintage embellishments and flowers made of natural stones and mother of pearl. Then the entire construction is fixed on a ribbon made of one of the following fabrics: corded silk, velvet, suede or silk. The result is a collection of very feminine and luxurious jewelry pieces, charged with spirit of historicism and styled to combine the features of several epochs and cultures – the Victorian Era in Great Britain and the charming Marie Antoinette’s time period in France. The symbol of the brand is a dragonfly – light-hearted, fast, energetic and beautiful.