Одежда российских дизайнеров

Try-on Session

The Try-on Session service means delivery of the selected item in two different sizes (subject to their availability) and is available when ordering goods to Moscow and the Moscow region.

The Try-On Session service is provided free of charge.

You can try on not more than two items of the same stock-keeping unit (sold under the same code). The total number of items in the order should not exceed 10. Once the Try-On Session is over, the Customer pays only for the item that fitted them well. The maximum time the Courier is allowed to spend at the Customer's place is 20 minutes. The Try-On Session can be carried out only in the areas that allow for the Courier's personal presence.

The transfer of the Order for a Try-On Session that takes place in the areas not accessible by the Courier (for example, in buildings with access control, public places, etc.) is possible only after the Customer has paid a Deposit amounting to the full cost of the items to be tried on.

After the Try-On Session the Customer pays the Courier only the cost of the items they chose to buy, and the Courier provides the Customer with a cash receipt/a transaction receipt (when paying by card)/all delivery documents only for the items selected by the Customer.

The items that the Customer refuses have to be deleted from the delivery documents, and the Order amount has to be recalculated in accordance with the final amount to be paid.